Country Singapore / Spain
Language English / Spanish
Subtitles English / Mandarin
Runtime 26 mins

Juan is devastated after the untimely death of his mother, with whom he is very close to. He decides to take a break away from Singapore. He does not know anything about his father, except that his mother met him in Barcelona. Having always felt an intrinsic connection with the city, and inspired by the colourful backdrop of Barcelona in the film All About Your Mother by Pedro Almodovar, he decides to travel to Barcelona. Juan finds out more about his mother during his time in Barcelona. He also develops a unique friendship with the people who he meets there, Jose and Isabel. El Gris Perfecto is the coming-of-age story of a boy who finds out more about his mother and life, in Barcelona.

Director's Note

Black + White Films embarked on this project wanting to give audiences a different experience. Inspired by our overseas experiences, El Gris Perfecto explores youth issues and alternative cultures through the eyes of a Singaporean-Spanish boy who decides to embark on a journey triggered by unforeseen circumstances. It focuses on how youths today assimilate themselves into society, their process of self-discovery, and their journey of finding out what is right for them. Furthermore, the team wanted to focus on life’s grey areas, where people are in situations of ambiguity and unsure about which step to take. The concept of grey is the overarching theme of the film, and the message that we want audiences to take away after watching the film, which takes them beyond the stereotypical thinking of how everything should be in clear black and white terms.

El Gris Perfecto hopes to present a moving and visual poetry about self-discovery and life as experienced by youths today. The film is shot entirely on location in Barcelona, Spain. It is supported by the Singapore Film Commission, Wee Kim Wee Legacy Fund, Catalan Tourist Board and other supporting partners in Singapore and Spain.
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Nelson Clemente
as Juan Rodríguez Cheng

Portuguese-born and Australian-based actor Nelson Clemente comes across as a shy personality at first glance but those who have seen him perform know him as an energetic entertainer. Nelson's has played various lead roles in theatre. His shy demeanour made him ideal for the role of Juan in the film. A mother’s boy at heart, he travels on a journey to understand more about her after her untimely death, learning about life in the process.
Mar Del Hoyo
as Isabel Christina Sin

Starting out her career in Madrid, Mar does both commercial television and theatre. Her portfolio includes country-famous TV dramas like La Via Augusta and more recently, Love in Difficult Times. Her upbeat and passionate disposition makes her stand out from other actresses. Having studied acting in London, she shuffles between different cities in Spain to hone her talent in acting. These experiences made her the perfect candidate for Isabel in El Gris Perfecto - an emotional individual who expresses her passion through physical means.
Alejandro Muñoz
as José García González

Originally from Buenos Aires, 28-year-old Alejandro created a name for himself in the performing arts scene in Barcelona mainly in theatre. With this background, he then decided to enter the television and film industry. Alejandro has been involved in not only movies, TV dramas and musical productions but also major TV commercials in the Spain. In El Gris Perfecto, he plays the charismatic José who brings Juan around and shows him the “greyer” side of life.

Black + White Films

Black + White Films (B+W) is a collective of four individuals – Edwin (Director/Writer), Grace (Assistant Director), Trixie (Producer) and Felicia (Post-Production Supervisor). They have various media backgrounds such as film, public relations, advertising and journalism. All four members have previously worked together to produce short films such as Un Bote Blano Pequeno and Dance, both of which were screened internationally.

Spurred by their passion for filmmaking, the four individuals believe in working together to achieve something greater: a cross-cultural collaboration with Spain, which they hope will bridge the gap between two countries with very different cultures. Given Singapore’s emerging film industry, B+W Films hopes that their short film will propel the local film scene to greater heights.

Edwin Ho
Director / Writer

Majoring in film and advertising, Edwin has always had a keen interest in visual arts - film, design and photography. All five films he directed have been screened at various international festivals. Previously, he also worked on different productions for International TV campaigns in Barcelona. He pictures life as visual images in a film. Possessing the zest for life, Edwin believes that every snippet in life is momentous regardless of occasion.

Trixie Yap

Trixie's interest in film stems from the intricacies behind making one. She has helped out in various short film productions' art direction, wardrobe and production managment. Having lived, studied and worked in cities like Sweden and Hong Kong, she believes that her international experience will help in producing or managing film productions in future. With a strong passion for communications, she aspires to excel in every project she takes part in.

Grace Thia
Assistant Director

A communications graduate, Grace’s interests range from broadcast and film, to public relations and communication research. Her five-month exchange stint in Tokyo has fanned a desire to experience the fascinating nuances of each culture. Having been involved in script-writing and production for various short films, she believes in the power of cinema to capture ordinary stories in an extraordinary way. Like the rest of her team, she finds it difficult to stay in one place when there are so many stories out there waiting to be discovered and told.

Felicia Ang
Post-Production Supervisor

Felicia Ang is a broadcast major. Fueled by her fascination for the movies, she has pursued working opportunities in the video production line. In addition, Felicia has worked for various production houses, from documentary to drama to music video. “Life is full of surprises and never dull.” - This is what she strongly believes in and that is exactly the motto she lives by.

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We would like to thank all the organisations who have contributed to the project. The film would not have been possible without them.


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